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Committee Sub-Committee Contact
Membership Services Communications Judy Coleman
  Welcome Committee Gloria Patterson
Education and Youth Development   Barbara Hatton
Code Enforcement & Neighborhood Planning Code Enforcement Communication & Services Robertia Webb
  Code Enforcement Training Shelley B. Stanley
  Zoning & Land Use Michelle Blanch
  Housing Planning Liza Milagro
  Economic Development Barnard Woodruff
Public Safety Committee   Thomas Borquaye
Neighborhood Revitalization & Preservation   Patrice Lewis


Audubon Circle - Penny Jones Benjamin E. Mays - Daisy Character
Falcon Drive - Birdie Taylor Benjamin E. Mays -
Flamingo Road (613-701) - Peyton Road -
Flamingo Road (710-780) - Mable Densler Oriole Drive - Liza Milagro
Flamingo Road (792-911) - Lou Hopson Oriole Drive - Christopher Ogden, Lead
Flamingo Road (792-911) - Eula Credell Jenny Wren Lane - Frank Glover
Flamingo Road (914-1166) - Cardinal Way - Floyd Ruffin
Chicadee Court/Willis Mill - Willis Mill Road -



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